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Farthest North Tomato

Farthest North Tomato

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Farthest North

40 to 50 days, determinate — 'Farthest North' plants produce early and abundantly, even in cool weather. Its cherry-type fruit are small, one to two ounces each, red in color, globe-shaped with a nice, full flavor and are reportedly resistant to Bacterial Speck.[1] They are bite-sized for snacking or make a nice addition to a tossed salad. For a cherry-type tomato, the plants are manageable in size, allowing them to be container grown if necessary, yet they are still quite productive. Typical days to maturity is around 50 days but here on the farm in Oregon in 2019, we started getting ripe fruit in less than 40 days! Although it has been reportedly susceptible to concentric splitting, we have not personally observed this issue.

'Farthest North' was bred at the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station by renowned horticulturalist, Dr. Albert F. Yeager from a stabilized cross between 'Bison' and a wild current-type, 'Solanum pimpinellifolium' tomato and introduced in 1934.[1,2] Our original seed was USDA accession number PI 370088. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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