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Bison Tomato

Bison Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown

68 days, determinate — 'Bison' has compact, two-foot tall, regular-leaf plants that produce round to oblate shaped, red colored, two to eight ounce tomatoes. They are juicy with a complex, mildly tart flavor. 'Bison' is well suited for fresh eating as well as for canning.

'Bison' is an early maturing variety developed at the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station by renowned horticulturalist, Dr. Albert F. Yeager from a stabilized cross between 'Red River' and 'Cooper's Special'.[1] Prior to his work, tomatoes were nearly impossible to grow in the northern portions of the state. Although well adapted to the Great Plains Region, 'Bison' is an excellent choice for gardeners in shorter season growing areas, or those desiring early harvests.

It was released to growers in 1929 and introduced commercially in the Oscar H. Will & Company's 1931 seed catalog. Our original seed was USDA GRIN accession number PI 270216. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.

See also 'Golden Bison'.
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