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Earl Tomato

Earl Tomato

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(A 2024 Victory Seed Company Introduction)

76 days, indeterminate - The potato leaf vines of 'Earl' are quite prolific, pink colored, oblate shaped fruit that are very juicy, yet still meaty, with small seed cells and very few seeds, and a spectacular sweet flavor that finishes mildly tart. On the farm in Oregon, the fruit were large, weighing ten ounces, all the way up to twenty-six ounces!

Originally sent to us by our friend, author and tomato expert Craig LeHoullier, he told us that 'Earl' was, "... one of the best tomatoes I've eaten." Since Craig has sampled thousands of varieties in his life, this is saying a lot! Craig rated it a nine on his "1 to 10 scale," noting that it was on par with 'Brandywine'.

The 'Earl' tomato was sent to Craig by Emily Chitwood of Hull, Georgia in 2022. She had recently received the variety from her friends, the Escoe family of Colbert, Georgia. They were originally gifted the seeds for this tomato from Earl Sartain's sister, Ruth, in the early 2000s.

As it was told to Emily, Henry "Earl" Sartain of Danielsville, Georgia served in the United States Army in Germany during the World War II. While stationed there, he collected the seed and brought it back home when his term of service had ended. His family has grown the variety ever since. It was released by the Victory Seed Company to the gardening public for the 2024 season.

Brand new limited release for 2024. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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