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Dixie Golden Giant Tomato

Dixie Golden Giant Tomato

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Dixie Golden Giant

85 days, indeterminate — 'Dixie Golden Giant' plants are large and productive. The abundant fruit are large (one to two pounds each) and clear, lemon-yellow colored. Some fruit exhibit a pink blush on the blossom end. It has a nice, juicy, sweet fruity flavor.

Like many older varieties, the true history of 'Dixie Golden Giant' is for the time being, shrouded. This variety was first made available to a broader gardening public by Ron E. Thuma of Hartford, Kansas (KS TH R) when he listed it in the 1994 Seed Savers Yearbook. He wrote:
"80 days - heirloom lemon-yellow beefsteak type, large plant, good cover, huge fruit with few seeds, goof flavor, grown by an Amish family since 1930s."
He then noted that he had obtained his seed from Minnie Zaccaria of Long Branch, New Jersey (NJ ZA M) who had acquired it from Austin Isaacs of McKee, Kentucky (KY IA A). It was subsequently issued SSE tomato accession number 3166.

Since the Amish were not known to have settled in "Dixie," and no sources for this association are ever included in various versions of the narrative now widely circulating, we doubt that this portion of the story is accurate.

To compound matters further, it seems that there are actually two distinct varieties in circulation going by the same name. Along with the heirloom that we are offering, there is a commercial variety that was originally released by the now defunct H. G. Hastings Seed Company of Atlanta, Georgia. It seems odd that they chose this name because, its fruit cannot be classified as "giant" and they are orange in color and not yellow or golden.

What we do know is that our seed was originally sent to us by heirloom seed preservationist, David Pendergrass of Middle Tennessee who obtained the original seed sample from Dr. Carolyn Male (NY MA C). Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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