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Desert Rose

Desert Rose

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Days to Germinate (3 to 10 days)
Days to Bloom (6 months to 2+ years)

Limited Edition from member GigiAdeniumPlumeria. These seeds are hand-pollinated from double blooming Adeniums. The pod parents are King Denio, Harry Potter, Fire Red Heart, and Tavee Sap. The packets are a mix of different seeds so you will get a mystery set of crosses. We mixed up the seeds very well to ensure each packet has a good randomized selection.

We are grateful to GigiAdeniumPlumeria for donating these seeds. We are selling them as close to our costs as possible.

Important: Seeds and seedlings are toxic, so keep away from pets or children.

Each packet contains exactly 10 seeds. Please limit to one packet per person.

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Adenium (Desert Rose) Seeds Growing Instructions:

1. Soak seeds overnight (or up to 24 hours) with a mixture of 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide and a cup of lukewarm water. (Normal for seeds to float.) Use the left over water mixture for the initial watering.
2. Use any clean seedling trays or plastic containers with good drainage. If using humidity dome, remove dome once seedlings start to emerge.
3. Discard unhealthy-looking seeds. Sow the healthy-looking seeds on coarse sand, or 50/50 cactus soil (or potting soil) and perlite. Place the seeds horizontally and using just enough soil to barely cover the seeds. Do not bury deep.
4. Spray the soil with water as needed to keep the soil moist but not too wet. Occasionally, use water mixture with hydrogen peroxide to prevent damping off.
5. Transplant seedlings to individual pots when 2+ months old, same depth, do not bury the caudex deep. Do not water for up to 3 days after transplanting, keep in shade and gradually introduce to direct light.
6. For older seedlings, use fast draining mix, let soil dry in between waterings. When seedlings are 3+ months old, occasionally water with low dose blooming liquid fertilizer and let it enjoy 6+ hours of direct sun.
7. For additional advice, visit the Adenium forum at Happy Growing!!!