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Crimson Cushion Tomato

Crimson Cushion Tomato

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Crimson Cushion  Henderson's Crimson Cushion
90 days, indeterminate — The plants of 'Crimson Cushion' are very productive and vigorous with abundant leaf coverage. Its fruits are large, fourteen to sixteen ounce, deeply ribbed, irregular, bright scarlet (red), juicy, yet solid. Nice balance of tart and sweet. A real nice slicing tomato.

This is a very old late-seasoned, wilt-resistant beefsteak variety that was introduced in 1894 by Peter Henderson. In their own words it was described as follows:
"The color is brilliant scarlet crimson, untinged with purple, and ripens up almost completely to the stem. The "Crimson Cushion," like the Ponderosa, is almost seedless, requiring from 10 to 12 bushels of ripe fruit to produce one pound of seed, whereas a pound of seed is realized from 3 bushels of ordinary Tomatoes. These figures tell better than any description the "seedless" character of this grand variety. The flesh is firm and "meaty," and of superb quality. It is enormously prolific and wonderfully early for so large a Tomato."
Although similar to 'Beefsteak', many seed companies incorrectly claim it to be synonymous. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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