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Ponderosa Tomato

Ponderosa Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown

88 days, indeterminate — 'Ponderosa' is a classic old commercial heirloom that set the standard for large, pink fruited varieties in its day. Its regular leaf plants are productive with large fruit, weighing up to two pounds, have small seed cavities, and are borne in clusters of three to five fruit.

They are purplish-pink in color, mild flavored, and excellent for slicing and canning. They do tend to have fair to poor leaf coverage, which under certain conditions, can result in cracking.

Pre-released by Peter Henderson in 1891 as "Number 400," its name was changed to 'Ponderosa' upon its debut in 1892.[1]

Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds, and there are about 85 seeds per 0.25 gram.
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