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Cool Season Garden Pack

Cool Season Garden Pack

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Includes all the seeds you need to grow your own winter greens.

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Our "Cool Season Garden Kit" contain one packet each of lettuce, kale, cabbage, carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, beets, mustard greens, and bunching onions. It is attactively packaged in a small box, tied with twine. The seeds inside are lovingly wrapped with colorful tissue paper. Although the gardener is likely to buy this for their own use, it also makes excellent gifts!

Lettuce: 'Buttercrunch' - a bibb lettuce (a soft butter lettuce) well suited for gardens across the country and has been a favorite choice of our customers.

Kale: 'Premier' - Very large green leaves, rich in nutrition and delicious cooked or raw.

Cabbage: 'All Seasons' - produces a large head with great flavor.

Carrot: 'Henderson's Tendersweet' - Large carrots that grows 10-15 inches long with a deep orange color and an amazing taste.

Broccoli: 'Waltham 29' - This well-loved broccoli is the standard for many gardeners, and was chosen for it's performance in the late season. (It was originally developed as a fall-planted broccoli.) Plants are compact with solid medium heads as well as side shoots. 

Spinach: 'Bloomsdale Longstanding' is a family staple. The leaves are thick and juicy and have an excellent flavor, and is reluctant to bolt (meaning, it won't go to flower early).

Cauliflower: 'Snowball Self-Blanching' - known for being a mild and tasty cauliflower that more easily retains its white color.

Beet: 'Cylindra' - one of the best beets for slicing and a favorite among members of the National Gardening Association. You will enjoy this tender and sweet treat in so many ways. You can make borscht, which we love in our family!

Bunching Onion: 'Nebuka Evergreen Bunching' - a part of our kit because of it's fabulous versatility. Eaten fresh, in stir fry, or used in any recipe calling for green onions. Every homestead should have a patch of these growing near the kitchen.

Mustard Greens: 'Tendergreen' - a very mild mustard green. Hardy, slow to bolt, easy to grow, and a heavy producer.

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