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Brandywine, Sudduth Strain - Tomato

Brandywine, Sudduth Strain - Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown
Sudduth Strain Brandywine Slow Food USA - Ark of Taste

80 days, indeterminate — The potato-leaf plants 'Sudduth's Strain Brandywine' produce large (fourteen to thirty-six ounce) fruit that are oblate in shape and pink in color. Excellent flavor.

This variety originally is from the Ben Quisenberry[3] collection who reportedly obtained the seed from a Mrs. Doris Sudduth Hill who said that it had been in her family since about 1900. Where the Sudduth family obtained the seed is now lost to history and we know of no connection between the original 'Brandywine' tomato and this one.

'Sudduth Strain Brandywine' was introduced to seed savers in the SSE Yearbook in the late 1980s and quickly became the most popular heirloom tomato variety among seed savers. Our seed stock was originally sent to us by seed preservationist David Pendergrass of Middle Tennessee. It is also in the USDA's GRIN as accession number G 33012. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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