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Brandywine, Pink - Tomato

Brandywine, Pink - Tomato

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Pink Brandywine

90 days, indeterminate — The 'Pink Brandywine' tomato has potato leaf foliage and produces very large, boat-shaped, dark-pink fruit that average between sixteen and twenty-four ounces each. The flavor is exceptional and of gourmet quality. Fruit ripen gradually over the season. Like many of the larger blossomed, potato-leafed varieties, it is not a heavy producer. Pollination can be improved by "flicking" the blossoms with your fingers or gently shaking the plants.

The exact history of the pink varieties in the "Brandywine category" is clouded. It appears that the first mention of a Brandywine tomato in the commercial seed trade was in reference to the introduction of the red-fruited variety in the late 1800s. We know of no connection between the original 'Brandywine' tomato and this one. It is speculated that 'Pink Brandywine' is simply a re-branding of the variety called 'Mikado' or 'Turner's Hybrid' which were introduced about the same time as 'Red Brandywine' and carried in the same period seed catalogs. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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