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Affinis Tobacco

Affinis Tobacco

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Nicotiana affinis
[ Approximately 100 seeds per packet ]

'Affinis' is an example of a beautiful ornamental tobacco. The plants reach about four feet in height and its blossoms appear as early as three weeks after transplanting.

Its flowers open in the late afternoons and display shades of pinks, pale purple, red, cream, and occasionally blue. If you keep the plants dead-headed, they will continue to bloom throughout the summer until frost eventually kills the plants. A very beautiful addition to any garden flowerbed.
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Tobacco plants are very interesting, ornamental, and have uses apart from consumption. This section of the website is intended for the historical and informational purposes of thinking adults. Anyone who has been raised since the turn of the 20th century already knows that tobacco can be addictive and can contribute to various medical ailments. If you do not smoke, it would seem illogical to start. We in no way encourage people to use any form of tobacco product.