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Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato

Wood's Famous Brimmer Tomato

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Wood's Famous Brimmer 

76 days, indeterminate — The pink, oblate shaped fruit average about one pound but the largest fruit can reach well over two pounds.

Originally introduced for "customer trials" by the now defunct T. W. Wood & Sons Seed Company of Richmond, Virginia in about 1912. Their 1916 catalog states:
"We found this grand tomato at the Jamestown Exposition (1907), where it was awarded the Grand Prize for size and quality. We were immediately struck with its splendid appearance and secured a supply of the seeds to test in our trial grounds. Our tests proved conclusively that its merits had not been exaggerated in any particular. We had never grown a tomato that could compare with it in size, weight, solidity, meatiness and splendid flavor."
They went on to claim that it was, "The Greatest Tomato in the World." Our original seed stock was grown out from USDA ARS accession number NSL 5793 and for years we worked at growing and selecting to match its historical description.

However, in 2013, seed collector Randy Sine of West Virginia sent us seeds that he described as producing fruit over two pounds and more closely matching the Wood's description than the USDA's stock. And he was right! He told us, "I have seeds for 'Brimmer' that I got in the mid-1990s from a little old lady who got the seeds from her mother. Her mother said that she acquired the seeds '. . . when they were first introduced in the Wood's catalog.'" Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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