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Willamette Tomato

Willamette Tomato

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70 days, determinate — The plants of 'Willamette' are medium, small-framed with medium foliage cover. They produce four to seven ounce fruit that are red, unusually smooth, globe to deep globe shaped with small stem and blossom scars, good color and solidity.

Bred and introduced by Dr. William A. "Tex" Frazier of Oregon State University and released in 1964. 'Willamette' was selected and stabilized from a complex between three tomato varieties; ('Campbell Soup 10' x 'Pennheart') x 'Queens'. 'Willamette' is resistant to radial cracking, and well adapted to the western valleys of the United States and Canada, New York, and Michigan. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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