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Super Sioux Tomato

Super Sioux Tomato

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Super Sioux

70 days, indeterminate — Also marketed as "Super Lakota," 'Super Sioux' produces red fruit are globe-shaped, average about four ounces, are thick walled and fleshy with a nice old-time tart flavor. 'Super Sioux' is a good choice for hot, dry locations and it sets fruit well in higher temperatures. A good processing tomato for home gardening and early fresh market sales.

'Super Sioux' was developed as a selection of an older variety named 'Sioux' by the old D. V. Burrell Seed Growers of Colorado who introduced it in 1960. Our original stock was from USDA accession number PI 644789 who received it into their collection in 1961. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds, and there are about 85 seeds per 0.25 gram.
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Although the name or description of this variety refers to a modern company with a similar name, the seed we are offering is in no way "owned by" that company. The name is simply the historically accurate, common name for the variety giving credit to the seedsman that originally released it.

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