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Summertime Green Tomato

Summertime Green Tomato

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Summertime Green Certified Naturally Grown Seed Open Source Seed Initiative

85 days, dwarf — 'Summertime Green' has rugose, regular leaf foliage on a dwarf plant. Its fruit are oblate, weigh up to about ten ounces, are green colored when ripe, juicy, sweet and fruity tasting, with a tender fleshy interior that sometimes shows a pinkish or amber blush when ripe. It can be difficult to decide when it is ripe, because in some climates the blush may not occur, so it is best to gently feel whether the fruit is still very firm or starting to soften.

'Summertime Green' originated from a cross between 'Golden Dwarf Champion' (a medium fruited yellow dwarf) with 'Green Giant', made in 2007 by Patrina Nuske Small in Australia. It was further selected by Dwarf Tomato Project member David Lockwood who named it after his daughter, Summer, and introduced in 2011. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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