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Summer Sunrise Tomato

Summer Sunrise Tomato

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Summer Sunrise Certified Naturally Grown Seed Open Source Seed Initiative

80 days, indeterminate dwarf — 'Summer Sunrise' is a rugose, potato leaf, dwarf that can reach from four to five feet tall by the end of the growing season. It produces medium to large (four to twenty-four ounce), smooth, oblate shaped, bright yellow fruit with a pronounced blossom end blush. 'Summer Sunrise' is distinguished from the similar 'Summertime Gold' by having larger seed cavities, slightly larger seed, a bit more of a pronounced blush, and slightly different flavor nuances. The fruit of 'Summer Sunrise' have a well balanced, full, delicious flavor. The plants seem to be quite disease tolerant and yields quite well throughout the season.

Developed by members of the "Dwarf Tomato Project" as a selection out of the "Sneezy family" ('Golden Dwarf Champion' and 'Green Giant', cross made in 2005 by Patrina Nuske Small of Australia). The tomato originated as a selection of 'Summertime Gold', found and named by David Lockwood after some selection work carried out by he and Susan Anderson. Primary work on 'Summer Sunrise' was done by David, Susan, Neil Lockhart and Justin Morse, with additional help from Ted Maiden and Craig LeHoullier. First offered to the public in 2012 by now defunct Gleckler Seedsmen. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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