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Schiavone Italian Paste Tomato

Schiavone Italian Paste Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown
Schiavone Italian Paste

90 days, indeterminate — This tomato variety is another example of our core mission to protect family heirlooms. After being contacted by Robert Schiavone in the winter of 2011, he sent us seed to grow out here on the farm.

As the name describes, this is a very nice, bright red, paste-type tomato that is very meaty and tasty. The plants have dense foliage and are very productive. Like most paste varieties, there are few seeds.

Robert recounted the history of the variety to us as follows, "My grandfather, Salvatore Schiavone, came over to America when he was just seven years old (in around 1910).  He came from a small town just outside of Palermo (Sicily) called Borgetto.

When he and his seven brothers came over, they brought various things from the homeland and one of them were these tomato seeds. This was a special type of tomato that they used for sauces and they wanted to grow it in America."

He went on to say, "I remember fondly, grandma in the kitchen (where the we ate and spent the most time) telling grandpa what to go out and pick. She cooked, he tended the garden (and sometimes made wine from grapes he used to grow)."

Robert's grandfather passed away in 2003 and Robert, as well as his late father, Frank Joseph Schiavone, took over growing the seed. We are thankful for people like Robert who have the foresight to protect old seed varieties, like this one, by submitting them to our stewardship and allowing us to make them available to you. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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