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Puck Tomato

Puck Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown

50 to 60 days, dwarf — Although introduced in the U.S. as somewhat of a novelty variety by the now defunct Glecklers Seedsmen of Metamora, Ohio, 'Puck' is actually a really nice tomato for a several reasons. The plants tend to set fruit well in cool weather. At a little over twelve inches in height on average, the compact, rugose, regular leaf plants rank among the smallest of the dwarf varieties making it a good choice for container gardeners. And finally, its taste.

In spite of their small stature, 'Puck' plants are relatively productive, setting two to five ounce, red, globe to somewhat blocky, flattened-globe shaped fruit that deliver a good, mild, classic red-type flavor; Balanced, slightly tart but not strong, with no aftertaste. Their flavor reminds us of good, old-fashioned Campbell's® Tomato Soup.

Here is how Gleckler's described 'Puck' in their 1958 catalog:
"An extremely dwarf English variety. Low growing, stubby plants with ridged, wide dark green leaves. Maturity mid-season. Small globular fruit seldom attain a size more than 1½ inches in diameter, grouped mainly up the main stem almost completely hidden. The mass of clusters is very tight together, similar to grapes. Light red fruit are very solid, mild in flavor and keep long after ripe. Puck possesses a notable characteristic of being able to set fruit in very cold temperatures."
Entered into the USDA's collection on June 9, 1965. The USDA noted that they received the accession directly from the Gleckler Seed Company, it was reportedly developed at the John Innes Institute in England in the 1940s. Our original seed was USDA accession number PI 303779. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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Informational References:
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