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Prizehead Leaf Lettuce

Prizehead Leaf Lettuce

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55 days — Also known as 'Prize Head' and 'Early Prize Head'. Despite its name, it is a non-heading, leaf or loose-headed lettuce variety. The leaves are upright, deeply curled, broad, and light green with a slight reddish blush on the tips. Along with being quick to harvest, it is a fine sort and is slow to bolt to seed.

'Prizehead' is a very old variety and has been a popular variety since it first started showing up in seed catalogs in the late 19th Century. To date, our research has found it listed as a new variety in both the D. M. Ferry and the W. A. Burpee seed catalogs for 1881. Within just a few years, all of the major seed houses were offering it to their customers. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 500 to 600 seeds.
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