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Polish Tomato

Polish Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown

85 days, indeterminate — The plants are a potato-leaf type that produce large (weighing about one pound), moderately smooth, flattened globe in shape, pink fruit. Other seed suppliers have called its color "brick red," but it is a pink variety by definition; clear skin over red flesh. The flavor are excellent and comparable to the best heirloom varieties.

Our parent stock source was sent to us by seed saver and heirloom variety preservationist, David Pendergrass, who described them simply as, "a good eating tomato." David received the seed from Earl Cadenhead of Franklin, Ohio in 2002 who presumably received the seed from seed saver Bill Ellis (PA EL B) who introduced it in the 1980s.

In the "Tomatoes that Changed My Gardening Life" section of his book entitled, "Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time," Craig LeHoullier states that 'Polish', "...will always hold a special place in my tomato-themed heart ..." He further describes its flavor as "just breathtaking." Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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