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Money Plant

Money Plant

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Money Plant
Lunaria annua
(formerly known as Lunaria biennis)

'Money Plant', also known as 'Honesty', 'Annual Honesty', and 'Silver Dollar Plant', is native to the Balkan region and Southwest Asia, but has been naturalized throughout much of the temperate world. It prefers moderate to moist soil in sunny locations, but will tolerate partial sun.

'Money Plant' grows from twenty-four to forty inches tall by about twelve inches across. Its leaves are large, coarse, and pointed-oval in shape with marked serrations on their edges.

It flowers from spring into summer displaying flower heads in colors ranging from white to pink to lavender, which if left to continue developing, will provide showy, light brown to translucent-silvery colored, one to two inch in diameter, disc-shaped seedpods. These seed pods will remain on the plant through winter providing food for small animals and reseeding. The pods are also very ornamental and commonly used in floral arrangements.

An annual that sometimes acts as a biennial. Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 50 seeds.
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