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Michigan Red Wonder Tomato

Michigan Red Wonder Tomato

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Michigan Red Wonder

84 days, indeterminate — 'Michigan Red Wonder' plants have regular leaves and grow to about six feet in height. Its fruit range in size from three to fourteen ounces each, are globe to oblate in shape, and a beautiful shade of red. They are also juicy and nicely tart.

Introduced by S. M. Isbell Seed Company for the 1919 gardening season.[1] In their 1919 seed annual, they described the 'Michigan Red Wonder' as, "The sensational new second early tomato offered for the first time this season." In 1920 they recommended it, "... for home gardeners because it has such fine, solid meaty flesh so nice to serve on the table. Also because it will supply the table all season—from early until late. Has the everbearing habit."

Our seed stock originated as USDA accession number PI 644966, which entered into their collection on June 1, 1963. They noted that it was from the Isbell's and Company, 1934 catalog. Each packet contains at least 20 seeds.
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