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Livingston's Favorite Tomato

Livingston's Favorite Tomato

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90 days, indeterminate — Originally developed for canneries, 'Favorite' withstood shipping over long distances and had desirable market qualities. In A. W. Livingston's 1893 book entitled, "Livingston and the Tomato," he recounted how he had developed his 'Favorite' tomato:
 "I selected from a field of Paragons a tomato quite distinct from it, as any one can see who grows them side by side in the field. This new tomato I improved, and introduced in 1883, naming it Livingston's Favorite Tomato."
From our observations, the fruits average six to ten ounces in weight, are smooth skinned, and globe to flattened-globe in shape. They have an exceptional flavor and are a beautiful red color. Mr. Livingston described it as follows:
"It is an early, blood-red, smooth, and most prolific tomato. It has no open spaces about the seeds in cavity, or ridges and hollows from stem to blossom ends. It ripens evenly, is a solid, meaty tomato, and has thicker flesh parts, of finer fibre, than any other used up to that time."
After growing out various samples, our stock originate as USDA accession number NSSL 27340. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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Informational References:
  1. "Livingston's Seed Annual," A. W. Livingston's Sons, Columbus, Ohio,1886.
  2. "Livingston and the Tomato: Being the History of Experiences in Discovering the Choice Varieties Introduced by Him with Practical Instructions for Growing," A. W. Livingston, 1893, pages 31-33.
Although the name of this variety contains a modern company's name, the seed we are offering is in no way sourced from, "owned by" or connected with that company. The name is simply the historically accurate, common name for the variety giving credit to the seedsman that originally released it.

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