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Heinz VF Tomato

Heinz VF Tomato

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Heinz VF

75 days, determinate — 'Heinz VF' tomato is an mid-season, whose regular leaf plants produce heavy crops and are resistant to both fusarium and verticillium disease. Its fruit are bright red in color, globe to flattened-globe shaped, crack resistant, weighing three to twelve ounces, averaging about eight ounces each, and with a classic, red tomato flavor. Since it is a determinate variety, the fruit all tend to ripen within a relatively short period of time making it a good processing type tomato.

Reportedly bred by the Heinz Company, we obtained our original seed sample from the Germania Seed Company of Chicago, Illinois and have been growing it here on the farm in Oregon since the late 1990s. We are still trying to track down the history and pedigree of this cultivar. To date, the earliest record we have found in an old Terre Haute, Indiana newspaper where the old Quinlan Seed Store was advertising plants for sale.[1] Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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Informational References:
  1. "Advertisement for Quinlan's Seed Store," The Terre Haute Tribune, p. 17, April 28, 1972.

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