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Heidi Tomato

Heidi Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown

90 days, semi-determinate — A very productive paste tomatovariety. The fruit are elongated, red, thin-skinned, thick-walled, meaty, weighing about three ounces and have very few seeds. Unlike typical bland tasting paste tomatoes, 'Heidi' has an excellent, full, rich flavor. Great for sauces.

We received our original seed from Dr. Carolyn Male (NY MA C). She received the variety from a student of hers, Heidi Iyok, from Cameroon, West Africa.

Carolyn Male noted that although classified as a paste-type tomato, it does not seem to have a problem with blossom end rot and is ". . . remarkably tolerant of all foliage diseases in my zone 5 garden." Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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