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Harvest Moon F1 Watermelon

Harvest Moon F1 Watermelon

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The first ever hybrid triploid (seedless) watermelon to win an AAS award. Similar to the popular heirloom variety Moon and Stars, Harvest Moon retains the familiar dark green rind with yellow dots but is seedless, ripens earlier, has a higher yield and tastes better. Its flesh is pinkish-red and is sweet. This high-value item is excellent for bedding plant growers as a transplant item.

Important note: seedless watermelons such as Harvest Moon require a pollinator. When you order this variety from us, you will get 10 seeds of Harvest Moon, and we will also include separately 5 additional seeds of another watermelon variety that is suitable for pollination. Please be sure to grow both at the same time for adequate fruit set.

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Planting Instructions: The seeds can be directly sown in spring after the soil has warmed or started indoors four weeks before the last expected frost. Indoors, plant two to three seeds per pot, ½ inch deep, thinning to the best plant. Do not disturb roots when transplanting.

Outdoors, plant three to four seeds, ½ inch deep, in hills spaced four to six feet apart. Transplant or thin to two plants per hill. Young plants are cold sensitive and some cover protection at nights may be required. Mulch or cultivate to control weeds.