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Golden Butterwax Bush Snap Bean

Golden Butterwax Bush Snap Bean

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Golden Butterwax

50 to 60 days — The vigorous plants of 'Golden Butterwax' are sturdy and upright producing high yields, over a longer period of time, than most bush-type varieties. The pods are straight, golden-yellow in color, and reach about six inches in length. Seed development in the pod is slow which accounts for the longer fresh harvesting stage. Reportedly resistant to several types of rust and Common Bean Mosaic Virus, it is an excellent choice for home gardens, market growers and canners.

Although many seed merchants are selling this bean with its name misspelled as "Golden Butter Wax," it is not to be confused with the now presumed extinct variety, 'Isbell's Golden Butter Wax', which was introduced back in 1905. 'Golden Butterwax was actually bred and introduced by Agway, Inc. in 1978. Each packet contains one ounce, which is approximately 120 seeds.

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