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Fisher Blacksmithing Ultimate Garden Essentials Collection

Fisher Blacksmithing Ultimate Garden Essentials Collection

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Introducing the Fisher Blacksmithing Ultimate Garden Essentials Collection, a set of 7 heirloom-quality hand tools meticulously hand-crafted to meet the needs of serious gardeners. This comprehensive collection, forged in Bozeman, Montana, combines the artistry of traditional blacksmithing with the practicality of time-tested designs, offering you a superb gardening experience.

Our collection includes:

  1. Dandelion Digger - Perfect for weeding deep-rooted plants and harvesting root vegetables.
  2. Wide Garden Trowel - A versatile, high-capacity trowel for planting, digging, and moving soil.
  3. Pointed Garden Hoe - Ideal for breaking up soil, transplanting, and precision weeding.
  4. Square Bladed Hand Garden Hoe - A powerful tool for tackling stubborn weeds and maintaining garden beds.
  5. Three Tine Hand Cultivator - Designed for loosening soil, uprooting weeds, and even providing a relaxing back scratch.
  6. Narrow Style Tulip Trowel - A specialized trowel for working with perennials and removing weeds with long taproots.
  7. Sickle Blade Weeder (Hoe) - A durable and versatile tool for precise weeding and cutting tasks in the garden.

Each tool in the Fisher Blacksmithing collection is hand-forged by skilled artisan Tuli Fisher, using traditional techniques, high carbon steel, and hand-turned handles. The result is a range of durable, elegant, and high-performance garden tools that are built to last a lifetime.

By choosing the Ultimate Garden Essentials Collection, you not only invest in exceptional quality for your garden but also support a true American craftsman and the seed variety preservation mission of the Victory Seed Company. This collection is a testament to the value of traditional craftsmanship in a world of mass-produced, disposable products.


All of the traditional gardening tools are shipped directly from the artisan's shop, on a first in, first out basis. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.

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Meet real Montana blacksmith, Tuli Fisher.Handcrafted from natural materials in Bozeman, Montana by a real blacksmith, Tuli Fisher's traditional garden tool collection provides gardeners with high quality tools built to last a lifetime.

Each and every tool is individually constructed using traditional blacksmithing techniques; forged with fire, hammer and anvil, hardened in water, and finished by hand.

The designs for these tools are based on functional, time-tested implements found in traditional agricultural communities. It is easy to see that their forms are nature inspired as well. The weight and strength of the tools provides increased capability in working soil, while the hand turned or natural handles provide comfort. The tools are finished to protect against the elements and increase their longevity.

By purchasing from our web site, you are not only acting as a patron to a true artisan, you are also helping to support the seed variety preservation mission of the Victory Seed Company.