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Dandelion Digger

Dandelion Digger

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Dandelion Digger

Fisher Blacksmithing's Dandelion Digger is forged from one solid piece of steel stock that is split into a fork, given a twist, and set into a walnut handle with brass rivets. The weight, strength, and ruggedness of this tool's design provides increased capability for working soil and weeding out plants with deep taproots like dandelions or chicory. The hand turned handles provide comfort.

Although this tool is traditionally known as a hand weeding implement, or specifically a "Dandelion Weeder," it is also and excellent choice for using as a harvester tool. If you are harvesting large amounts of produce, stick with your faster methods. But if you are someone who uses their garden like a produce stand, only harvesting for fresh use, the Dandelion Digger works great for lifting other plants with deep taproots, such as parsnips and carrots.

The dimensions are approximately twelve inches long by two inches wide.


All of the traditional gardening tools are shipped directly from the artisan's shop, on a first in, first out basis. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Due to the size and weight of these tools, the most economical method for shipping to addresses within the U.S. postal system is by using US Mail Priority Flat Rate. One (1) to six (6) tools can generally fit in one package for this cost.

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Meet real Montana blacksmith, Tuli Fisher.Handcrafted from natural materials in Bozeman, Montana by a real blacksmith, Tuli Fisher's traditional garden tool collection provides gardeners with high quality tools built to last a lifetime.

Each and every tool is individually constructed using traditional blacksmithing techniques; forged with fire, hammer and anvil, hardened in water, and finished by hand.

The designs for these tools are based on functional, time-tested implements found in traditional agricultural communities. It is easy to see that their forms are nature inspired as well. The weight and strength of the tools provides increased capability in working soil, while the hand turned or natural handles provide comfort. The tools are finished to protect against the elements and increase their longevity.

By purchasing from our web site, you are not only acting as a patron to a true artisan, you are also helping to support the seed variety preservation mission of the Victory Seed Company.