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Fakel Tomato

Fakel Tomato

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85 days, determinate — The regular leaf plants are compact and productive. A good choice for container growing. 'Fakel' translates from Russian to "flame" in English and refers to the fruit's bright, fire-red color. They are globe to slightly elongated in shape, weigh two to five ounces each, grow in clusters, and easily slip from the vines when harvesting.

It is a multi-use variety that can be enjoyed fresh off the vine, processed, and since it holds up well, is a good variety for picking the slightly immature fruit at the end of the season, wrapping in newspaper, and storing in a cool, dark place for fresh use into the fall.

'Fakel' is an old, Soviet-era Moldovan commercial variety released in about 1970. It was introduced to American gardeners by Nichols Garden Nursery in the early 1990s after they had received seed from gardener and author, Kate Gessert.[1]

During the later part of the Reagan-era when Soviet/US relations were beginning to warm, Ms. Gessert helped to organize a horticultural tour of the Soviet Union as part of the Earthstewards Network "Gardeners for Peace."[2] She indicated that she had purchased the seed in a shop in Moscow. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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Although the name or description of this variety refers to a modern company's name, the seed we are offering is in no way sourced from, "owned by" or connected with that company. The name is simply the historically accurate, common name for the variety giving credit to the seedsmen that originally released it.
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