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Everglades Tomato

Everglades Tomato

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Solanum pimpinellifolium

80 days, indeterminate — Also known as the "Wild Florida Everglades," 'Everglades' tomatoes produce small, currant-type fruit that can be best described as delivering huge flavor in a tiny package. Its regular leaf plants are vigorous, sprawling, very productive, drought and heat tolerant, as well as pest resistant.

We received this variety from our friend Craig LeHoullier who wrote, "This is a pretty rare Florida heirloom - tiny pink fruit, probably a currant tomato, unusual in that they are pink and tasty - issue is that it holds its stem when picking, so the top can split. It is a tomato factory! One of the few that do well in Florida." It was shared with Craig by Melissa DeSa after a meeting at a Seed Savers Exchange event they both attended.

Germination is a bit slow on this one - give it 2 weeks to germinate. Our current lot tested at 80%. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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