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Daisy, Ox-Eye

Daisy, Ox-Eye

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Ox-Eye Daisy
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum

Currently unavailable, we suggest Shasta Daisy 'Alaska' and Painted Daisy as alternatives.

Its beautiful white blossoms with bright yellow "eyes" have graced highways and byways in all fifty states for centuries. Originally introduced from Eurasia as a showy ornamental, it blooms throughout the summer months. 'Ox-Eye Daisy' prefers full sun and moist soil. Will grow eighteen to thirty inches tall.

It has proven itself to be highly adaptable to different climate zones and in some states, now finds itself on their "noxious weed" list (see below). If you are not allowed to grow it in your area, and want white daisies in your landscape, try Luther Burbank's 1890 introduction, the 'Shasta Daisy'. A fairly hardy perennial, it thrives in USDA zones 3-8. Each packet contains 0.25 gram, which is approximately 400 seeds.
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By ordering this seed, you are agreeing that it is allowed in your area or that you will not be cultivating it in a state where it is deemed a noxious weed. Since regulations change often, the following list may not be conclusive. Please check with your state and local laws to verify that you can grow this in your area. It may be classified as a "noxious weed" in your state and cultivation prohibited.

State Regulated Noxious Weeds List [PDF]