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Daisy, Garland

Daisy, Garland

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Garland Daisy
Chrysanthemum coronarium

Currently unavailable, we suggest Gloriosa Daisy and Painted Daisy as alternatives.

Garland Daisies prefer locations that receive full sun, in either dry or moist areas. They will grow twenty-four to thirty-six inches in height, and bloom from summer into the fall. Their blossoms are yellow in color. Each packet contains 0.25 gram, which is approximately 150 seeds.

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Garland Daisies prefer sunny areas and are tolerant of both dry and moist soils. They grow twenty four to thirty six inches tall.

Sow directly into the garden in early spring when soil temperatures reach 50ºF. Cover seed lightly. Germination will occur in seven days but can take up to fifteen. Since it transplants well, you can start seeds indoors in pots.

Final spacing should be twelve inches. Water in the morning and make sure that the ground is moist but not soggy.

This annual will display yellow colored blooms in the summer and last into fall.