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Nasturtium, 'Empress of India'

Nasturtium, 'Empress of India'

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'Empress of India'
Tropaeolum nanum

The plants of 'Empress of India' nasturtiums are compact, mounding, reaching about ten inches in height, and great for borders, filling in bulb beds, pots, hanging baskets, or other containers. The leaves are an attractive blue-green color with beautiful, scarlet red blossoms that keep blooming until the first frost.

An old variety named in honor of the Queen Victoria of England who in 1876 assumed the title, 'Empress of India' after the British government dissolved the East India Company.

Originally from the cool highlands of South America, nasturtiums prefer full sun, dry, well-drained or sandy soils, are somewhat drought tolerant, and tender to frost. Nice as cut flowers. The young leaves, flowers, and even unripe seed pods have peppery flavor and make an interesting addition to garden salads.

An annual, or tender perennial in some warm locations. Each packet contains two grams, which is approximately 14 to 16 seeds.
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After all danger of frost has passed in the spring, sow seeds ½ to 1 inch deep, 2 to 3 inches apart, in a sunny location (partial shade in hot climates). Keep moist until germination. Thin to a final spacing of 10 inches. An annual or tender perennial, nasturtiums prefer dry, well-drained or sandy soils, are somewhat drought tolerant, but frost sensitive. They can also be started indoors in pots and transplanted after temperatures remain above 50ºF.