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Buckeye State Tomato

Buckeye State Tomato

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Buckeye State

83 days, indeterminate — The fruits are pink in color, oblate-shaped, and large, weighing up to twenty-four ounces. Very attractive and fits A. W. Livingston's description of their 1893 release.

Our source was Dr. Carolyn Male (NY MA C 08) who received the seeds from Toni Randall who bought the seeds from Harvest Moon Seeds in 2008. Since it appears that Harvest Moon Seeds is now defunct, we have not yet been able to document the stewardship of this variety's pedigree to Livingston.

However, the description on their old 2007 web site claimed that their source was Livingston. They stated, "We are happy to obtain this selection from a Ohio source who has kept it in their family for three generations." Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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Although the name of this variety contains a modern company's name, the seed we are offering is in no way sourced from, "owned by" or connected with that company. The name is simply the historically accurate, common name for the variety giving credit to the seedsman that originally released it.