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Bountiful Bean

Bountiful Bean

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47 days — Synonyms of 'Bountiful' beans are 'Breck's Boston Snap', 'Improved Six Weeks', and 'Sutton's Plentiful'. The plants are fifteen to eighteen inches tall with a spread of twelve to eighteen inches. They are quite bushy and erect when young but like many older bush-type varieties, will send out short runners becoming somewhat straggly appearing when fully grown.

As the name implies, it is very productive, very early, vigorous, and hardy. The pods are six inches long, light green in color, broad and straight. It is excellent fresh, frozen or canned.

During the late 1890's, it was the common practice of several of the larger seed companies to introduce a few new varieties every year and then offer prizes to people to name them. In 1898, Peter Henderson & Company introduced their "New Green Bush Bean No. 1" and offered twenty-five dollars as a prize for the best name submission. The winner of the contest was Abel Steele of Ferguson, Ontario who sent in the name 'Bountiful'. It was formally introduced as 'Bountiful' in 1899.

Each ounce is approximately 85 seeds.
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