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Black Krim Tomato

Black Krim Tomato

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Black Krim

80 days, indeterminate — Also known as 'Black Crimea', 'Black Crimean', 'Noire de Crimée', Noire de Krimée', 'Black Krim' has the distinction of being the first commercially introduced, and widely available, "Black" tomato variety. Its fruit are brownish-purple to maroon colored, often with green shoulders, and weigh approximately twelve ounces on average. Their flavor is sweet, mild, and rich.

'Black Krim' originated from Krim (the Crimean Peninsula) near the Black Sea. It was first made available in the United States through the Seeds Savers Exchange in their 1990 yearbook by seed saver, Lars Olov Rosenstrom of Bronna, Sweden. He commented that in his location, the fruit turned black in his heated greenhouse as opposed to the brownish-purple coloration that they exhibit when grown outdoors. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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