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Azoychka Tomato

Azoychka Tomato

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60 days, indeterminate — 'Azoychka' is a very early maturing variety with regular leaf plants. For such an early variety, the fruit are good sized (five to eight ounces), oblate shaped, yellow (not golden or orange) with bright yellow interiors. Its pleasant tartness more closely approximates the flavor of a good red tomato, 'Azoychka' has a nice tart taste without the typical sweet or fruity flavor people associate with yellow-fruited varieties.

'Azoychka' is a variety that Kent Whealy, co-founder of the Seed Savers Exchange, brought back from Russia on one of his collecting trips. It first became available to seed saver's in 1995. Much of the seed that is currently being offered by other seed companies and collectors is reportedly crossed and incorrect. Our original seed was sent to us by our friend, author, and tomato authority, Craig LeHoullier. We have grown it out for several years and believe it to be true-to-type. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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