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Anna's Kentucky Tomato

Anna's Kentucky Tomato

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Certified Natural Grown VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This product will be available again in early January, 2025. If currently out of stock, please signup above to be notified when it becomes available. Click here to learn more about our seasonal products.
Anna's Kentucky

90 days, indeterminate — 'Anna's Kentucky' has potato leaf plants that produce fruit that are oblate-shaped, are pink in color, and can get quite large (reaching over a pound). Each bite delivers juicy, tasty, tart flavor with a slight hint of cherry.

We received 'Anna's Kentucky' from Craig LeHoullier who told us that he received the seeds, "... from a fruit given to me at Monticello last year [2016]." In an interesting event of meaningful coincidence, the seed that our friend Craig had received originated from a longtime supporter of ours, Ann Gaydos. In communication with Ann, she described the provenance of this variety as follows:

"The tomato was originally given to my mother, Anna Gaydos by my uncle. His friend, who had lived in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky had given the tomato plants to him. The tomatoes have been grown in our family vegetable garden here in Maryland for over forty years."

She went on to describe 'Anna’s Kentucky' as having won several local tomato tastings, beating out more than seventy-five different varieties. Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.

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