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Wisconsin Black Soybean

Wisconsin Black Soybean

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Wisconsin Black

100 to 110 days, determinate — Also known as 'Buckshot'[2] and 'Extra Early Black Seeded'[1], 'Wisconsin Black' is one of the oldest named varieties of soybeans introduced in the United States. The plants grow twenty four to thirty four inches in height and produce beans that are small, slightly flattened, dimpled, and solid black in color.

The parent stock was USDA accession number PI 25468 (no longer maintained in the GRIN) which was obtained from the L. L. Olds Seed Company of Madison, Wisconsin. Originally called 'Extra Early Black Seeded'[1], it was collected in Ville-de-Paris, France by Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie and introduced into the National Seed Lab in March of 1900 as PI 5039 (also no longer maintained in the GRIN). The Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment Station developed and released it as 'Wisconsin Black' in 1909.

Each packet contains 25 to 30 seeds.
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