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West Indian Gherkin Cucumber

West Indian Gherkin Cucumber

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Certified Natural Grown
West Indian Gherkin
Cucumis anguria

65 days — Not a true cucumber, these one inch by two inch oval fruit look like large burrs and are produced on vines with leaves that look like watermelon plants. They have been used for centuries to make small pickles and relishes.

Dating back to at least the early 1790s, it is believed that gherkins originated in Africa then were taken to the West Indies during the course of the slave trade.  It was then introduced into the U.S., by way of Jamaica, by Minton Collins of Richmond, Virginia. In 1806, it was released commercially in Bernard McMahon's catalog.[1]

Each packet contains one gram, which is approximately 25 to 30 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Cucumbers grow best with long, hot, humid days with maximum sunshine and warm nights. Plants are extremely susceptible to frost. Sow seeds outside only after danger of frost when soil has warmed. Make a second sowing 4 to 5 weeks later for a late summer or early fall harvest. For an earlier harvest and to reduce the threat of insect damage to seedlings, start a few plants indoors in individual pots (or trays with separate compartments) about a month before your last spring frost date.

Sowing: To seed in rows, plant seeds 1 inch deep and about 6 inches apart. To plant in hills, plant four or five seeds in 1-foot-diameter circles set 5 to 6 feet apart.
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