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Sadandy Southern Pea

Sadandy Southern Pea

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Southern Pea (Cowpea)

75 days — 'Sadandy', also marketed as 'Sa-Dandy', 'SA Dandy', and S.A. Dandy', is a medium maturing, "cream pea" type variety with glossy, dark green colored leaves, white flowers, on semi-erect, bushy plants. Its pods are produced at foliage level in a bunching fashion making picking easy. The pod color at the green-shell stage is green and a light straw color at maturity, or the dry pea stage. The seeds are a non-crowder type, ovate to ovoid shaped and cream colored at both the immature and mature stage. It is prolific and thrives in hotter, Southern weather.

Similar to 'Texas Cream 40' but with slightly smaller peas, 'Sadandy' is generally used at the fresh shelling stage. According to the USDA's GRIN database entry, it is accession number PI 666258, was developed in Georgia, and introduced in 1973. Considered a small seeded variety, there are approximately 200 seeds in each ounce.
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