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Natsu Kurakake Soybean

Natsu Kurakake Soybean

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Natsu Kurakake

110 days, determinate — The plants grow twenty seven to thirty inches in height and have purple flowers. The medium-sized, flattened and elongated beans are pale yellow with a black saddle and contain about 18% oil and 45% protein.

The beans can be enjoyed either as a colorful and tasty edamame at about 80 days, or dried after about 110 days. Edamame is a popular snack in Japan, served with beer. Because it has health benefits that other snacks do not provide, it is becoming popular in the United States.

The parent stock was USDA, ARS accession number PI 417187. It was collected in Japan and donated to the National Seed Storage Lab in 1974. Each packet contains 25 to 30 seeds.
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