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Olympic Mullein

Olympic Mullein

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Verbascum olympicum

Also known as "Greek Mullein". Hardy and low-maintenance, this Mullein variety thrives in full sun, tolerates various soils, and stands up to drought and deer. Beyond its ornamental charm, Olympic Mullein has a rich history in herbal medicine.

Olympic Mullein is big, reaching heights of 6-10 feet and 2-4 feet wide. Short-lived with generous seed production, attracts a host of pollinators, including butterflies and bees. Biennial, that produces a rosette of basal leaves, and the following year a huge 3-6' spike ending in a candelabra of yellow blossoms. USDA Hardiness zones 3-8.

Each packet contains about 100 seeds.

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Mullein seeds are dormant and need a cold period to wake up. Direct sow seeds outdoors in fall for spring germination or start indoors after a 4-6 week cold stratification. Mullein seeds require light to germinate. Sow seeds 8-12" apart on the soil surface and press lightly to settle. Transplant seedlings outdoors after frost danger. Thin seedlings to 20-24" apart
The Victory Seed Company does not advocate medical self-diagnosis or self-medication. Reference to the medicinal properties of plants are described here for educational and historical purposes only and are not to be construed as a prescription, prognosis or diagnosis for any disease or illness. As with any remedies or medicines, you should consult your personal health care provider before using.