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Mosby Prolific White Dent Corn

Mosby Prolific White Dent Corn

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Mosby Prolific
White Dent Corn

100 days — 'Mosby Prolific', also found incorrectly marketed as "Moseby" Prolific, is one of the old "prolific" dent corn varieties. Its stalks are sturdy and large, often growing ten to twelve feet in height, and generally bear two ears per stalk, but can develop up to four. The ears are eight to nine inches long and about six inches in circumference with kernels and cobs that are white in color.
Developed and originally introduced by J. K. Mosby of Lockhart, Lauderdale County, Mississippi in 1876,[1] by the early 1900s, most of the major Southern seed houses, as well as newspapers full of farmer's advertisements, were selling the seed. Although now fairly rare, 'Mosby Prolific' was once extensively grown for feed and silage; particularly in the South and Gulf States. Each ounce is approximately 110 seeds.
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