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Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)

Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)

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Certified Natural Grown
Morado Tomatillo (Purple Tomatillo)
(Physalis philadelphica formerly Physalis ixocarpa)

70 days — Identical to 'Toma Verde' tomatillos in plant structure except for the leaves have purplish veins.  The two to three ounce fruit are harvested while they are still a bit firm but the purple coloring is fairly rich. Remove the thin husk before using or consuming.

Tomatillos are popular in Mexican salsas and picante dishes.  They even make an interesting addition to salads.  Tomatillos are fairly rare in the supermarkets that don't cater to Hispanic customers. Click here for a recipe for traditional salsa verde.

Each packet contains approximately 20 seeds.
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Planting Instructions:
Days to germination – 5 to 14 days
Days to harvest – 70 days

Sow seeds indoors (do not direct sow into the garden), using sterile seed starting mix, 6 to 8 weeks prior to your last expected frost date.

Plant ¼ inch deep, water lightly, but keep moist until emergence. Optimal soil temps for germination is between 75 to 90°F. After emergence water as needed.

Full light and cooler temps (60 to 70°F) will help to prevent the seedlings from becoming too leggy. If plants become root bound before you can safely set them into the ground, transplant into larger pots.

Harden off plants before planting outside. Young plants are very susceptible to frost and sunburn damage. Avoid too much nitrogen. Water evenly but not in excess.