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Miniature Colored Popcorn

Miniature Colored Popcorn

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Miniature Colored

105 days — Stalks grow to about six feet in height and produces two to three ears each. The ears are small, narrow and average three to five inches in length. The kernels are shiny, often pearly in appearance, bright, and varying in color. Colors can include red, yellow, black, gray, brown, purple, pink, blue, white and orange. A small percentage of ears will be solid colored but most are combinations of many colors and even "calicos." Some ears also have red, purple, or brown husks and cobs. Very ornamental yet very tasty.

Although there are quite a few different miniature popcorn varieties on the market at this time, many can trace their parentage, at least in part, to this variety introduced by Bisek Gardens of Minnesota in 1985. Each packet contains 0.5 ounces, which is approximately 160 to 170 seeds.
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