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Dynamite (South American) Popcorn

Dynamite (South American) Popcorn

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aka South American)

110 days — Also known as 'South American Yellow,' 'T.N.T.', 'Yellow Giant', and 'Sunburst', the stalks of 'Dynamite' popcorn reach about five feet in height and exhibit good root and stalk strength. Each plant typically produces ears that range between six to nine inches long and have twelve to fourteen rows of big orange-yellow kernels. It is not uncommon to harvest up to one pound of popcorn from a stalk. A high-quality popping corn variety that generally produces a mushroom (as opposed to the classic butterfly) shape when popped. The flavor has been described by many as lightly buttery.

When the Farmer Seed & Nursery Company of Faribault, Minnesota, introduced their strain as 'South American Yellow' in 1931, they described it as follows:
"Not offered as the product of any other seedsman or grower but as grown and produced for us by our own growers and sold as our own product. This new variety has taken the country by storm. It is a real Pop Corn sensation—pops the largest kernels of any variety—has a rich golden butter color—very fine flavor and is exceptionally crisp and tender."
Each ounce is approximately 130 to 140 seeds.
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Planting Instructions: Soil must be at least 65ºF to germinate. Be patient and do not plant too early or you will waste a lot of seed! Plant in full sun and keep it watered. Corn is a wind-pollinated plant. Plant in blocks several rows wide to ensure full ears.

Sow seeds about 1½ to 2½ inch deep, 3 to 4 inches apart, in rows spaced 24 to 30 inches apart. Thin to 6 to 12 inches apart.
Although the name or description of this variety refers to a modern company's name, the seed we are offering is in no way sourced from, "owned by" or connected with that company. The name is simply the historically accurate, common name for the variety giving credit to the seedsmen that originally released it.
Informational References:
  1. Farmer Seed & Nursery Co. Seed Catalog, Farmer Seed & Nursery Company, Faribault, Minnesota, 1931.