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Little Dutch Tobacco

Little Dutch Tobacco

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'Little Dutch'
Nicotiana tabacum L
[ Approximately 100 seeds per packet ]

'Little Dutch' tobacco plants grow to about three feet in height. It is very early maturing and because of its compact size, is a good choice for container gardening. Its leaves are very long and narrow and once properly cured and fermented, have a distinctive, sweet aroma said to resemble 'Yara' tobacco grown in Eastern Cuba.[1]

Primarily used in pipe blends and as binders and fillers for cigars. 'Little Dutch' was once very popular in the Miami Valley of Ohio, and to a limited extent in Pennsylvania,[1] but has long been dropped from commercial production.

This pre-1880 variety was collected as a farmer selection from the Miamisburg, Ohio area but is said to have been developed in Germany.[1] Originated from USDA accession number PI 551282.
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