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Lemon Bright Tobacco

Lemon Bright Tobacco

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Lemon Bright
Nicotiana tabacum L
[ Approximately 100 seeds per packet ]

Classified as a "flue-cured" tobacco, 'Lemon Bright' is a Virginia bright leaf type tobacco historically used for cigarette and pipe blending where milder, aromatic characteristics were desired. The plants grows to about fifty-five inches tall when topped, or six to seven feet tall when allowed to develop flowers.

Its leaves have slightly puckered surfaces, are roughly egg-shaped in outline, attached to the plant stalks at the broad end, with leaf tips that taper to a pointed apex with more or less straight sides. Typical leaves are twelve inches wide by twenty-four inches long. Our seed originated from USDA accession number PI 552317 and was sent to us by David Pendergrass from Tennessee.
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